List With Purpose

Have you ever set goals and started out full of ambition and excitement, only to find yourself a couple weeks later already off course and wondering what happened? So many of us fall into the trap of setting goals and having good intentions but fail to write these goals down and track them. 

Tracking progress is the best way to stay motivated and that's why I have created the List With Purpose Goal Tracker. The Goal Tracker is a customized, easy to use printable PDF that combines my love for list making and goal setting (a match made in heaven)!


  1. Purchase your List With Purpose Goal Tracker. You will then be emailed a link to download the Goal Tracking Worksheet. This worksheet is a loose guide to help you put together your theme and goals and does not need to be strictly followed, but just be sure to include everything you want to have on your goal tracker.
  2. Once you have completed your worksheet simply email it to me and I'll customize twelve months of goal tracking pages so you can keep track and hold yourself accountable to your goals. 
  3. I will send you a PDF via email that you can print out at home and start tracking your progress. 


  1. Come up with a "theme" for the year, which could be a word or phrase that you focus on for the next 12 months. This will bring focus to your goal planning and help you make actionable decisions through the year. For example, last year my theme was "joy". This year my theme is "meaningful relationships and kindness". As the days, weeks, and months pass on I can always stop and ask myself if what I am doing aligns with my theme. This brings much clearer focus, even in the day-to-day little things. 

  2. Have a brainstorming session to write down all of your thoughts and ideas. Ask yourself what you need to do so that your life reflects your theme. Make note of everything good, bad, ugly, big and small. You never know what idea it may spark!

  3. Narrow down the goals that are most important to you or the ones that absolutely need to happen. These are the ones that get your thoughts racing and maybe even give you just a little twinge of anxiety. 

  4. Make sure your goals are realistic and attainable but still challenging. 

  5. Set deadlines and don't leave your goals open ended. Instead of saying "I am going to train to run a 5K," you could say "I am going to train to run a 5K by May 1st." Which leads to my next tip...

  6. Break it down by days, weeks, and months. The List With Purpose Goal Tracker allows you to break things down into small chunks and track your progress in a way that isn't overwhelming! What small thing can you do today to push you closer to your end result?